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Reite Construction Specializes in Powerlift Dumbwaiter Service and Repair of Powerlift Dumbwaiters

Powerlift Dumbwaiter Repair

Powerlift Dumbwaiter Service

Service & Repair for Powerlift Dumbwaiters

Residential and Commercial Dumbwaiter Service and Repair

The manufacture recommends that your Powerlift Dumbwaiter is

serviced every 2 to 3 years to ensure the long life of your lift.


With your Service call, we can recommend new upgrades now

available to retrofit your model for improved safety & reliability.


Reite Construction offers over 30 years of expertise in service

and repair for Powerlift Dumbwaiters & Mezzanine Lifts.


Reite Construction offers Service & Repair to our Powerlift Customers


Upgrade your older Powerlift Dumbwaiter with new safety features


Rebuild your Powerlift Dumbwaiter for more reliable service

Reite Construction is an Authorized Powerlift

Dumbwaiters Service & Repair Technician

Call our Authorized Service & Repair Technician

for an appointment today!


Call: 831-999-3399



* Service & Maintenance Plans *

Available upon request for our Powerlift Customers