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Custom built Dumbwaiters


Framed Dumbwaiter shaft with 2x6 vertical backing for the rail assembly to bolt too.


Door openings left unframed floor to ceiling for installation.

Line entire shaft with

5/8" sheetrock & tape.


Excluding door openings.

Fasten bottom track & rail assembly to 2x6 backing.

Fasten the motor and

controller to bottom

track & rail assembly.

Stack and fasten remaining

rail assemblies to bottom

rail assembly and 2x6 vertical backing.

Frame door openings.


Line the inside with

5x8" sheetrock and tape.

After the doors are in,

Install safety switches,

door locks and

call / send stations.



Standard Dumbwaiter Features:

Available Dumbwaiter Options:

Track & rail assemblies come in pre-assembled sections that are simply stacked, one on top of another.

The chain comes attached to the top track & rail assembly and is easily lowered to the trolly below.

The motor & controller are pre assembled and simply bolt to the track & rail assembly.

All the low voltage wiring is done for you with easy too plug in connections.


The Powerlift Dumbwaiter requires an existing shaft lined with sheetrock and 2x6 vertical backing for the track & rail assemblies.


Below are a series of pictures illustrating just how easily a Powerlift Dumbwaiter can be installed in your Home or Business!

Powerlift 100    Residential Only

2 Stop $3,895.00 / 3 Stop $5,195.00 / 4 Stop $6,495.00

150 pound Capacity / Car size 24"x24"x30" High / 3/4 HP - 110v or 220v Motor


Powerlift 200    Residential & Commercial

2 Stop $4,595.00 / 3 Stop $5,895.00 / 4 Stop $7,195.00

200 pound Capacity / Car size 30"x30"x30" High / 3/4 HP - 110v or 220v Motor


Powerlift 300    Residential & Commercial

2 Stop $5,745.00 / 3 Stop $6,995.00 / 4 Stop $8,295.00

300 pound Capacity / Car size 30"x30"x36" High /  1 HP - 240v or 480v Motor


Powerlift MJ-500    Residential & Commercial

2 Stop $7,995.00 / 3 Stop $10,245.00 / 4 Stop $12.270.00

500 pound Capacity / Car size 36"x36"x48" High / 1 HP - 240v or 480v Motor


(Prices do not include shipping, installation or sales tax)

Mezzanine Lift Cost

Powerlift's modular dumbwaiter design consists of pre-assembled components for easy installation as listed below:

UL Certified Elevator Controller

Powder Coated Car, Rail Assembly & Trolley

Call & Send Stations

Hoist Way Door Locks

Hoist Way Door Safety Switches

Access Door Safety Switch

Adjustable Limit Switches

All Low Voltage Prewired with Easy Plug Ins

Custom Car Size (No Charge)

Car can be Open on 3 Sides (No Charge)

Bottom or Top Motor Mount (No Charge)

3, 4, 5 and 6 Stop Models

ASME 17.1 Package

Top and Bottom Final Limit

Car Gates and Bi-Parting Gates

Stainless Steel Car & Gates

Powder Coated Car Panels

Stainless Steel Hoist Way Doors

Keyed On/Off Switch

Car Here Light & Car Shelf

Elevator Interlocks

220v, 240v, 480v Motor Available